Screenplay And Script Services

Many storytellers visualize their works on the silver screen. Some authors are lucky in that their works inspire moviemakers to transform their novels into films. For most, however, the process requires the book be converted into a screenplay, then submitted. 

The movie industry has become intolerant of submissions that vere from their formats and unless you are an established celebrity, your screenplay must be more than a concept or an otherwise formatted document. 

Final Draft

That is where we come in. We will take your stores (novels, novelas, short stories, audio retellings) and turn them into screenplays and scripts for the movie industry to evaluate. We can also use our years of experience to get those scripts in front of influencers, so your story has a chance to be made into a film. 


Converting a written novel into a screenplay:

$12,000 starting for standard size novel and standard size script. Novel-300 pages approximately, screenplay, 90 minutes approximately. (Deviations beyond 15 percent of these numbers are priced respectively)

Creating a screenplay from an interview:

$15,000 with the same caveat relative to the dimensions. The screenplay will represent approximately 90 minutes.

Short films:

Shorts are priced at a fraction of the base pricing, but with a $5,000 minimum.

Outreach, query and solicitation services:

Although we cannot guarantee your script will be optioned, we can guarantee we can get it in front of influencers. We also have access to all of the major screenwriting competitions and can submit your screenplay. $200 for general submissions. We will also register your screenplay or script to protect it from intellectual property theft-$100.