COMING SPRING, 2022: Satan’s Portal: The Demon House of Nuneaton

Darkness cannot abide the light…

Hardship after hardship seemed behind them as Julie Evans and her daughter were finally offered a council house. It was a real house, not an apartment in a high rise, and it seemed too good to be true. When Julie saw the house, she wondered what she was getting into.

The Cleanup

Filthy floors were just the start. Walls covered in symbols and words she didn’t fully understand written in nail varnish, the garden filled with used needles, and a former resident institutionalized should have provided some clues. But grateful for a place to live and call their own, Julie and her then-husband started the cleanup. But right away weird stuff started to happen.

Cold spots, misplaced keys that turned up again right where they’d been left, and things that went bump in the night were only the start. They went from inconvenient to annoying, annoying to scary, and scary to terrifying.

The Wrong Help

Out of options, Julie turned to the church. Some things helped for a while. A demonologist acknowledged an unknown, inhuman presence, but was unable to remove it. Things went from bad to worse, and from worse to unspeakable. Desperate, Julie turned to the only ones who seemed to even understand her position.

In with the Light

The final option seemed to be Chris Fleming and the team from Help, My House is Haunted. A battle ensued, and there could only be one victor. Because darkness and light can’t occupy the same space…

Come along for this true tale of haunting and possession, and a battle that’s as real as it is unbelievable. You’ll learn what warning signs to look out for, what to do and not to do if you feel you are under attack, and where to find the help you really need. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream, and you may even cry. ¬†Either way, you’ll be breathless until the very end.

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