Print on Demand Small Press Path


Do you have an audience waiting to hear your story? Are you turned off by the big publishers and their long lead times? Are you willing to partner with us to market your book to that audience? Ask yourself:


  • Do you have a message the world needs to hear?

  • Have you led an interesting life as a sports figure, a fashion icon, or an entertainer?

  • Do you or someone you know personally have a place in history?

  • Do you have a business idea or principles the world needs?

If you have a manuscript that is complete or nearly complete, apply today. This is an exclusive program limited to those who qualify. Find out if you are one of them today!

P.S. If your manuscript is not ready, and you need the help of a ghostwriter, we offer those services as well. Send us an email, and we can talk about what that looks like.


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