Print on Demand Small Press Submission Guidelines and Application Form

Please don’t send us your entire manuscript. We won’t accept it, and likely won’t respond at all. Before you do that, fill out the form below. Before you do that, read the rest of the rules.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not accepting fiction work at this time. If you are looking for a fiction publisher, no matter what your genre or how great your following is, we just aren’t interested.

In the form below you will see that we ask the genre of your non-fiction book. If it does not fit in any of those categories, you can answer “other.” Just know that our editing and publishing team specializes in the categories listed below. While other categories may be considered, we also may reject them due to time constraints.

The Print on Demand Small Press Path to Publication works a lot like regular small press or more traditional publishing, with the following caveats:

We don’t offer advances, ever.

  • You must qualify as an author. Qualification is based on your topic, the quality of your work, and your potential audience. We only offer this path to authors we are confident will sell a certain number of books.
  • Our royalty structure and even bonuses are based on the number of sales. The more books you sell, the higher your royalty rate, and the more likely you are to earn bonuses from us.
  • If you are not offered a contract, you can still opt for our author services model, and we will still publish your work.

The application process will include a Google search evaluation, website evaluation, and social media evaluation. We want to see what kind of author platform you already have and how many sales you may be able to generate. For example, if we Google you, and you don’t appear on the front page in search of your name, with a few rare exceptions for people with extremely common names or names similar to very famous people, we probably won’t sign you.

If you use a pen name, you need to have a website or social media at least set up for that pen name.

It’s not just about numbers. It’s about engagement too, so don’t go buy a bunch of followers in an attempt to impress us. It won’t work.

Why are we so strict about this path to publication? The only way we can continue to help authors is to be profitable, and that means we can’t sign authors who end up costing us money. Remember, publishing is a pay now, pay later game (if you need to understand why check out this blog post).

Once you’ve been qualified as an author, we’ll share our contract with you, and may even offer you the opportunity to work with our partner, Agency Fox Media.

If you’ve read all this way, and you’re still interested, fill out the form below.

Print on Demand

Small Press Application Form

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