Tony Hiller Wrote “Save Your Kisses for Me” but his daughter Gayle found there would be “No More Kisses for Me.”

Each letter begins with Dear Daddy.

A horrible childhood accident required Gayle Hiller to relearn everything. But she would have to relearn it without her famous father, Tony Hiller, who only a year after the accident and shortly after winning the Eurovision with the award winning song “Save Your Kisses for Me” walked out on his family.

A well-known songwriter and producer, Tony Hiller was larger than life. The group he founded, The Brotherhood of Man, skyrocketed in popularity.

His fame grew around the world.

Tony Hiller’s work was recorded by over 500 other including Elton John, Olivia Newton-John, Andy Williams, Ray Stevens, The Miracles, The Hollies, Sonny and Cher, The Osmonds, Glen Campbell, Crystal Gayle, Anne Murray, and Ed Bruce. He won three Ivor Novello Awards and a Gold Badge Award for his services to the British music industry.

But at home, things were a different story.

His daughter fought for his attention, which became harder and harder to get the older she got. As a teenager, she even cut her wrists and was often unhappy. She turned to writing short stories, poetry, and attending writing workshops with her aunt.

When Tony remarried and Gayle went overseas, she came back to find her room in the family home repurposed, the things she’d left behind no longer there.

Through struggles with mental health, addiction to pills, and financial issues, Gayle needed the love and help of her father. Over and over she reached out, only to be denied and rebuffed. She and her children were not welcome without an appointment, and that only every four to six weeks. She was heartbroken.

When her father passed away, Gayle found a way to heal.

After turning to pills and trying to sleep through the pain, her friend told her she should write letters to her father to work through her pain and bereavement. And she did. One letter turned into two, and then three, and then more and more.

Thus this book was born. Raw, emotional, this chronicle of her journey will touch your heart and make you want to hug your children and your parents, and let them know you love them.

Tony Hiller may have been a legendary song writer and musician. He gave the world the song, “Save all your Kisses for Me.” But after he left her and her family, Gayle soon discovered that there would be No More Kisses for Me.

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