To us, he was the King of Clubs. To Scott, he was just “Dad.”

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Scott Stringfellow never had breakfast with the King of Clubs.

That was okay, and normal even. Peter Stringfellow worked at night in clubs. As a young man, Scott understood little more than that. But his father was always there for him after school, on holidays, and whenever Scott needed him. Over the years Peter Stringfellow went from being a London nightclub owner who signed great acts to the King of Clubs, an international businessman.

From acting to lighting the way, Peter Stringfellow supported his son and his dreams.

After a brief stab at acting, Scott worked in his father’s club, the Hippodrome, and learned to be a lighting technician. When an opportunity presented itself, Scott was able to pursue his dream of motorsport racing. His sponsor? His father and his clubs, which were taking the world by storm.

Sponsor, Father, Mentor.

Peter Stringfellow was more than just his son’s sponsor. He was a loving father who passed on his passion for cars to his son, despite his own lack of skill as a driver. He was a mentor and offered more than just financial support to help Scott achieve his dreams. Even in times when they didn’t see each other as often as they would have liked, his presence and the fact that he could be reached with a simple phone call served as a comfort.

Things came full-circle.

A racing career turned into over two decades of motorsport instruction for Scott, while Peter Stringfellow grew from a nightclub owner in both America and the United Kingdom to a London legend. Tiring of the daily grind of motorsports instructing, Scott once again joined his father in the nightlife, working in his clubs for over a decade.

The “Write” thing to do.

After his father passed away in 2018, Scott began to write the story of his relationship with his father, Peter Stringfellow. At first, this was simply a way of dealing with the pain of losing his father, but as the story took shape this book was born.

This is the story of a son and his father. For Scott Stringfellow, the King of Clubs was simply “dad.”


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ISBN: 978-1-7358118-0-2

Pages: 198

Size: 6″ x 9″

Language: English

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