About Jerry

Ghostwriter, Publisher, Author, Editor, Freelance Writer

Jerry Mooney is a business owner and the author of several books, including History, Yoghurt and the Moon. He has ghostwritten books and screenplays and has been a professional writer and college professor over the last 2 decades. He is the co-founder of zenruption.com, where created a platform for disruptive discourse which pursues ethical outcomes. He has a degree in International Affairs. He has traveled to twenty different countries. He served in the Army and Army National Guard. He is married to Lila Eid the founder of Eidi Communications

About Troy

Ghostwriter, Publisher, Author, Freelance Writer, Editor

“Making the world a better place by telling stories and helping others share theirs.”

Troy Lambert is a freelance writer, author, editor, and publisher who has dreamed of writing books since he was a young boy. He wrote his first book, George and the Giant Castle, when he was six years old. After being told by teachers, counselors, and many people around him that writing was a great hobby, but not a great way to make a living, Troy explored other money-making options.

After nearly three decades amassing a collection of name tags, hairnets, and various careers, he finally found the way to fulfill his dream of writing full-time and making a living at it. He currently has written over two-dozen books including ghostwriting projects, is a freelance writer, content strategist, ghostwriter, publisher, and occasional editor.

Troy lives, works, and plays in Boise, Idaho with his wife and a pack of very talented dogs who are occasionally enlisted to write blog posts and book blurbs. His fiction work can be found at troylambertwrites.com.

Our Story

Our team has decades of experience working with authors and helping others share their stories and become authors. We saw a gap–a place where we could put our skills to work. This started when we were each doing pro bono work to help low-income writers become authors. The work was demanding, and the pay was non-existent. We felt good about shielding people from predatory publishing companies, or “one size fits all” publishing packages or solutions. 

We knew that not everyone who could write a book had the commensurate skills needed to publish and promote it. From the writing process itself to the complex and ever changing world of publishing and book marketing, we saw a number of people who needed help, the kind of help we could provide. 

We decided to team up and form Unbound Publishing, a unique, concierge style service that offers a  custom publishing solution for every storyteller we work with. We’ve blended skills and experience to connect storytellers with the very best in the business throughout the entire publishing process.


“Studies show 80% of people feel they have a book inside them. Only 2% ever write one. Join the 2%, and share your story today!”

Why Work With Us?

We’re not your average publisher. There isn’t one path to publication or solution that works for everyone. Not everyone needs every service we offer. From individualized storyteller packages to standard services, we work hard to offer only the best, and set ourselves (and your stories and ideas) apart from the rest. 

Qualifications and Education

With two decades of combined experience in the publishing world, and even more in marketing and public relations our team is qualified to take you to the next level. 

Experience – Jerry

  • Author of seven books
  • Editor and Freelance Writer
  • SEO and Digial Marketing Specialist
  • Ghostwriter and Book Coach

Experience – Troy

  • Acquisitions and Managing Editor, Tirgearr Publishing
  • Author of over two-dozen books
  • Ghostwriter of five major titles
  • Freelance Editor, Writer, and Book Coach

Books & Publications

We know how to get you published. Because we have done it before ourselves. Here are some of our books and publications. 

The Business of Writing

Writing as a Business

Like any other business, writing as a business includes three parts: production, distribution, and marketing. Writing is a business, and it’s about time we treat it like one.


History, Yogurt, and the Moon

The a tale of a young chemist who covertly introduces hallucinogens to some of the less conscious factions of American society. 


Stray Ally

A strange accident on the freeway, accusations of murder, and an encounter in the Idaho wilderness all propel Todd Clarke, not exactly one of the good guys, into a new friendship with a dog named Sparky in this canine military thriller. 

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