Anna Brunning – Sunday Times Editor “ Lisa is a hugely successful relationship expert and matchmaker.”

Lisa Palmer and Lucinda Ellery bring you a brand new guide! 

Lisa Palmer, described by broadcaster Piers Morgan as the “Cupid of Millionaires” has an exciting new book, and we at Mooney and Lambert are excited to be her publisher. This book is a divorce guide, but it is unlike any other guide out there. It’s designed for women, and specifically, women who are in a negative situation and facing the daunting task of negotiating divorce.

The book starts with Lisa and her co-author telling their own stories which are funny, painful, shocking, and – at times – tales of despair. They have both been through significant adversity and pulled through. Lisa starts in a chapter entitled £250, a bag of clothes, a cheese and pickle sandwich, and my son with nowhere to go! It is about being in and exiting a very controlling marriage. Lisa tells how she lost her home with nowhere to go, from having to pee in a bucket in a frozen field in the middle of the night to building a global business as a matchmaker and relationships expert.

Lucinda Ellery, a global entrepreneur, recounts her split from a narcissistic husband, focused on disrupting her loving relationships with her children, spending her money, and ultimately trying to own her assets, in It’s not my first Rodeo – My divorce – the best day of my life.

Case studies from various women Lisa and her team have helped include a man telling his wife (she has omitted the religion) that it is mandatory to have sexual intercourse every day within the religion. This happened for 25 years, yes – over 9,125 days – until someone told the wife that it was not! 

This practical, supportive  – and, dare we say it – exciting, and uplifting new guide gives you all tools and strategies for change, even if you are not in a relationship but want to get your mojo back.

When he’s got to go…

Lisa and her co-author understand, perhaps better than anyone, what it takes to get out of a bad marriage. More importantly, they understand the psychology behind it. They understand what you are thinking, how to walk you through your thought process, and they’ve provided you with tools and exercises to help you as you make what will likely be one of the most critical decisions in your life.

You must move on.

Beyond the leaving, you must chart a path forward with your own life. The D Word encompasses everything from money, legal rights, managing and coping strategies for your children, health and nutrition, to a fashion guide that will help create the new you – a person that goes beyond your relationship, beyond the man who may have defined your life for years or even decades. Lisa has assembled some of the leading experts in the UK and the world, people who know their stuff and have worked with women just like you.

Lisa and Lucinda have pulled together a rock-star team to guide and advise you:

  • Dr Arthur Cassidy: C Psychol, PhD, AFBPsS Social media and celebrity TV psychologist and broadcaster
  • Mark Goldstein: Lawyer, specialising in family law
  • Dr Sarah Mundy: Consultant clinical psychologist working with children and families, and author
  • Polly Harrar: Sharan Project, a charity fighting arranged and forced marriages
  • Sandos Forte: Entrepreneur, public speaker, author, wealth manager
  • Pat Whitson: Hypnotherapy, life coaching, NLP, relationships counselling
  • Danny Whitaker and Ben May: MayWhit fitness and nutrition
  • Dr Aamer Khan MB ChB and Lesley Reynolds: Harley Street Skin Clinic
  • Joey Bevan: Celebrity TV stylist
  • Peter Dunne: Author of The 50 Things: Lessons for When You Feel Lost, Love, Dad; and Emmy and Peabody Award-winning producer

An essential helper.

If you feel trapped in your marriage and are considering divorce, whether you have children or not, this is an invaluable guide to everything a woman needs to know. If you are not sure how to even begin building a new life invest in The D Word, and from the comfort of your own chair let Lisa and Lucinda support you every step of the way. You will be guided through the mental agony of decision-making to the practical applications of money management – or even how to fall in love again, with the right man!

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