A Discount Fit for a King

Like every Spurs fan who ever saw Ledley King play, we are more than excited about the mural created off the high road next to the stadium. And we want to honor this great legend by offering you a discount on My Eyes Have Seen the Glory, a fabulous book with interviews of 40 Legends of the Lane, including Ledley King himself. Paul Trevilliion’s brilliant drawing of him even made the cover. 

Use the discount code KING20 to get a discount off the retail editions of the book, the limited edition, and the bundle, in which you will receive both books for one low price. 

The Limited Edition comes with a hand-signed, numbered print created by Paul Trevillion. Each limited edition is hand-numbered as well, and there are only 200 of these that will ever be printed. 

Check out the offer below. The coupon expires on February 1st!

USE KING 20 at Checkout for 20% off of any of the books below.

Retail Edition of My Eyes Have Seen the Glory

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My Eyes Have Seen the Glory Limited Edition

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Bundle including Both the Limited and Retail Editions of My Eyes have Seen the Glory

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My Eyes Have Seen the Glory: The Legends Bundle!

From now until 30 November, enjoy a special deal! We’ve bundled the few remaining Totteham Hostspur Limited Editions of My Eyes Have Seen the Glory with a retail edition for a special price: purchase both and get 20% off the retail edition when you order both at the same time. 

Hand-signed and numbered!

The great Paul Trevillion, sports artist extraordinaire, has hand-signed each poster that comes with the Limited Edition. You won’t find another one of these anywhere else, and there are only 200! No more will ever be created, and each has a unique number that matches the one on your book.

Opportunities are coming to attend events where Legends can sign your book9s) as well, increasing their value as collector’s items. Grab a retail edition to read, and a limited edition to keep!

Get the Bundle using the button below!

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Want just the retail edition?

You can still get 10% off using the code LEGENDS10 from now until 30 November! This discount is only good for a limited time, so act now! Also, to be sure you get your order in time for Christmas, order as soon as possible. Even with rush shipping, we can’t make any guarantees for Christmas delivery after November 30th, so don’t delay!

Grab your copy of My Eyes Have Seen the Glory now!

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Use Coupon Code LEGENDS10 for 10% off at checkout!

Already have the retail edition? Want a Limited Edition for your collection?

You can order the limited edition separately using the button below. Your books will come from the United States, and the posters are shipped from the UK. Remember to order soon to ensure delivery by Christmas for this gift-giving season. Ordering late? Let us know and we will create a special gift card for you! Place your order today!*

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*You’ll receive an email with the number of the book and the poster you will receive once your order is complete. Books will be shipped right away, however, be aware that shipping delays may keep your book from arriving on time.

Use the coupon LEGENDS10 for 10% off at checkout for a limited time only! This is the only time these editions will go on sale!


Over 30 million records sold. The most photographed British star of the ’80s – alongside Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher. Not since the Beatles has a British personality been so well known internationally, across a complete cross-section of ages, genders, races, and religions. Now, for the very first time, Samantha Fox has decided to tell the whole, and sometimes painful, story of the bullied North London girl who managed to captivate an entire world.

“My first memory is of an explosion and the smell of burnt flesh.” With those words, following a prologue in which readers are introduced to her backstage in 2015, Samantha Fox begins her story. Thoughts of Myra – the love of her life who has been battling an aggressive form of cancer for almost two years – whirl through her mind, then shortly she takes to the stage once more, to sing “Touch Me ” the song which made her world famous almost 30 years earlier.

Samantha Fox’s autobiography is a captivating tale about a fighter who has gone through hell more than once, but who has always come out stronger; someone who has remained in the public’s consciousness for almost four decades now – and who continues to play to sold-out crowds across the world.

Why Indie Bookstores Should Buy Direct from Small Presses

Why Indie Bookstores Should Buy Direct from Small Presses

There is a giant elephant in the room every time you talk books with an Indie bookstore. Amazon. The big gorilla. But there is another one, too. One that has been talked about, but only deep in book circles. There are things happening that neither authors nor bookstores understand, someone is keeping a fair amount of money, and authors and bookstores alike are losing money as a result. 

It’s Ingram. Ingram and Baker and Taylor. So let me explain what I mean, the issues at hand, and what I think a solution might be.

The Price is Right

So this hit my eyeballs first as a self-publisher and then again as I formed a publishing house. Let’s look at some actual data. 

In the background of Ingramspark, publishers get to choose the discount they offer to bookstores and retailers. You can choose anything from 0% to the recommended 55%. I’ve found, and so have other authors, that if you discount your print books around 40% the elephant in the room, Amazon, will still order them. (although there is a second option, one we and a lot of self-publishers use to get books on the ‘zon). This also keeps our books profitable without setting ridiculous prices.

It looks like this: 

Graphical user interface

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However, what a bookstore sees when they go order in their catalog if you have set a 40% discount is actually a 20% discount off retail. There’s 20% missing. That makes it difficult for the bookstore to maintain their profit levels and we, the self-pubbed authors or publishers, are not getting that 20%. Where does it go? Who does get it? And why can’t we have it back?

Even if you set your prices with the 55% discount off of retail for booksellers and others, they see a 40% discount on their dashboards. Oddly, at least reportedly, Amazon and other larger bookstores get something closer to the actual discount you set. It’s only the Indie stores who get this odd charge, or at least so it appears from the data we can find.

The Hidden Middle Man

There’s a hidden middle man: Ingram Book Company. They sit in the middle of US distribution (probably others too) and they take 10-15% before they offer the title to bookstores. At least according to Ingram. 

But one author discounted their book 40% in their Ingram dashboard, went and talked to her local bookseller, who told her the discount they were offered was only 5%. 


Someone is keeping a lot of money—money that belongs in the pockets of authors and small presses and indie bookstores. Worse, it makes these small press books less appealing to those indie bookstores, and so they order the big-name books from big publishers, who likely have a different deal with Ingram than we small fish can negotiate. This information, while technically public, is not shared widely, so many bookstores don’t know it’s happening, at least when we ask them about it. 

So it looks like the little, greedy small press is only discounting their books by a small amount. The bookstore, therefore, and understandably, does not order their books. 

The Potential Solution

As publishers, we love Indie Bookstores. We really do. So we want to sell them books at a reasonable price, ensure those books are returnable (a common need of bookstores), and yet still be profitable. Of course, we want to offer books through the usual channels: Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and of course, Amazon. Not because we love the big yellow giant, but because we have to. 

And we know it is easier for indie bookstores to order books from Ingram. One-stop invoicing for several titles makes sense and makes things simple for them. Until a publisher has a pretty extensive catalog, it makes little sense for them to order direct from the publisher. 

Except that we like to shop small, shop indie so that Amazon does not get all the pie out there. We want to send people to local booksellers over the big guys: and we do whenever possible. 

So how can bookstores shop small, and return the favor? The answer is to order books direct from small presses whenever possible. Let the small press help you save money, beat the Ingram stranglehold so similar to what Amazon has, so we can direct customers your way.

It’s not just Mooney and Lambert. It’s every small press out there. We really do want to help you, but quite frankly we need your help, too. Shop small press and send a message to Ingram and the big players that the playing field needs to be level, and transparency is essential for them to build trust with indie bookstores and publishers. 

It’s time to change the face of publishing and make a difference. That change starts with each of us and the choices we make every day.