Like every Spurs fan who ever saw Ledley King play, we are more than excited about the mural created off the high road next to the stadium. And we want to honor this great legend by offering you a discount on My Eyes Have Seen the Glory, a fabulous book with interviews of 40 Legends of the Lane, including Ledley King himself. Paul Trevilliion’s brilliant drawing of him even made the cover. 

Use the discount code KING20 to get a discount off the retail editions of the book, the limited edition, and the bundle, in which you will receive both books for one low price. 

The Limited Edition comes with a hand-signed, numbered print created by Paul Trevillion. Each limited edition is hand-numbered as well, and there are only 200 of these that will ever be printed. 

Check out the offer below. The coupon expires on February 1st!

USE KING 20 at Checkout for 20% off of any of the books below.

Retail Edition of My Eyes Have Seen the Glory

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My Eyes Have Seen the Glory Limited Edition

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Bundle including Both the Limited and Retail Editions of My Eyes have Seen the Glory

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