First Photos: Tottenham Limited Editions!

Good news from our warehouse! The printers have completed the print run of the Limited Editions of My Eyes Have Seen the Glory, and they are GORGEOUS! You can see the first photos here (the first photos we have seen of the physical copies of these books) 

They will be hand-numbered on the jacket and the interior, and the full-page photos (even in warehouse office light) look astonishing. Check them out!

As you can see, even in “poor” lighting, these books look incredible. They’ll be shipping our way and yours before you know it. We can’t wait to have these in our hands. I ordered mine. Did you order yours?

We really want to get these books in the hands of true Tottenham Fans! This season has been a rough one from all of us, but what we can all agree on is that Tottenham has a rich history filled with great players and coaches who have become LEGENDS in their own right. We look back with pride on the Glory Days and Glory Nights when football was for the fans, and we played for the GLORY, not just for the MONEY.

Order your limited edition today if you haven’t already! Orders will be shipping soon!

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Listen for me, Rick Mayston of Agent Fox Media, and Micky Hazard on the Spurs podcast coming May 4th! We can’t wait to talk books, legends, Spurs, and more on this epic podcast!