The Author Services Self-Publishing Path

We offer two potential paths to publication at Unbound Publishing. The reason is simple. Producing a professional book that is a product you can be proud to sell costs one of two things: time or money. It also involves skill, education, and knowledge gained through experience.

Publishing is a “pay now” or “pay later” proposition. Those who choose to self-publish usually pay now. They pay an editor, a cover designer, a formatter, and then they learn about distribution and marketing and do those things themselves or pay experts to help them.

The self-publishing method comes with a lot of responsibility as well. Yes, you control the process entirely, but you are also responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly and gets done in a timely manner. Even if you hire a team to do certain things for you, you’ll still spend a lot of time managing the publishing process.

Our Author Services packages take on some of that responsibility for you. We’ll handle a large part of the process, and hand you a product you can either distribute and publish yourself, or work with someone like Unbound Publishing to get into the world.

Do you think our author services might be right for you? Click below to learn more, and fill out an intake form. Once you’ve done that, we’ll be in touch.