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About Patsy McGourty

She was born in Nampa, Idaho at the first Mercy Hospital on September 4, 1948. After twenty-five years of study, she graduated from Boise State in 1991 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in painting in all mediums. Patsy had two sons and later three granddaughters. After her graduation, she became the art teacher for the children. Her art room was the first place they went when they came to grandma’s house. She didn’t work as an artist exclusively.  Patsy worked for State and County governments for over thirty-two years as a Legal Secretary before retiring. but she always wrote short stories and painted in her spare time. She raised children, loves her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Her stories are familiar to all of us.  When her mother became ill, Patsy became her Legal Guardian and constant helper for eight years. Little time was left to paint or write short stories. Patsy continued to reside in Boise, Idaho and is proud to be a life long Idahoan.