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Lucinda Ellery is an entrepreneur and a public speaker.

Since 1984 Lucinda Ellery has been the #1 choice for women seeking glamorous, life-transforming, exceptionally secure hair restoration in the United Kingdom. Now clients can experience the same service in the USA, New York and also at her Beverly Hills studio including the Patented Intralace System™.

At the age of 10, Lucinda Ellery’s hair fell out overnight. In her teenage years she relied on wigs to disguise her hair loss, but over time she sought more permanent solutions. Eventually, she developed the Interlace System™, a semi-permanent solution for hair loss and fining. For the past 30 years, Lucinda has helped women restore their hair and improved associated self-esteem issues. Obsessed with all-things hair, Lucinda has been deemed the “Queen of Glamorous Hair.” As a result, she is a respected and knowledgeable industry expert.

“Our hair has a profound impact on both us and others. I believe all women should have choices about their hair and I aim to give my clients just that.” – Lucinda Ellery 

Check out Lucinda talking about Chemotherapy and hair loss below!