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Change your thinking about running.

Is running really harmful to your joints? Do you suffer from common running injuries and wonder why? You can avoid things like

– Shin splints

– Joint pain

– Muscle strains

– Foot pain

And it’s not just by changing your shoes, or getting better arch supports or insoles.

The advice doesn’t come from just anyone.

Dr. Kevin Vandi has written this book on data he’s analyzed from runners he’s worked with all over the world. He’s a Doctor of Physical Therapy, board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a leader in integrating advanced biomechanical analysis and feedback into clinical practice.

His goal is that you use this system to help you run faster, run longer, and run pain-free at any age.

Running is a skill to be mastered, just like any other skill.

Yes, you can alter your running form. There are skills you can learn that will make you a better runner, less prone to injury, and that will keep you running for years to come. You’ll learn about:

– Running form.

– Propper landing.

– Proper knee and joint control.

– And how your muscles work during running.

But that’s not all. This is not just a book with a bunch of technical jargon about how running works.

The Running Blueprint offers practical solutions.

The Running Blueprint includes exercises you can start right now to help change and improve your running form. You won’t be a perfect runner right away. Making new habits and breaking old ones takes time and practice.

If you follow the program and stick with it, you’ll be a new runner in no time at all. And the best news is, you can master the skill of running at any age. The Running Blueprint will show you how.