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Born in London. Gayle had a happy childhood growing up in Chiswick. Her maternal grandparents lived upstairs in the maisonette. At the age of 9 her parents moved to Hadley common. 

 Her neighbours were Olivia Newton John and Bruce Welsh of the Shadows. At 13 her life was dramatically changed when a car smashed into her and flung her into the air at 30 miles per hour. Her body and skull smashed against an iron lamppost. In a coma and fighting for her life, Gayle had to learn to walk and write again. About a year later suffering mentally and physically from the accident, her Father Tony Hiller won The Eurovision song contest with the song, ‘Save all your Kisses for me,’ sang by the group, The Brotherhood of Man.

Her Father walked out on his family leaving her in great pain. After many attempts to see him she cut her wrists. Her life was vastly different, and she attended different schools. A very unhappy teenager she used to express herself writing poetry and short stories. She attended writers’ workshops and poetry readings with her Aunt that she stayed with a lot.

Gayle has struggled with her mental health over the years and addiction to pills. When her Father died, she chose to take pills and curl up asleep on the settee. In trying to come to terms with her bereavement and all the hurt from her past, Gayle wrote letters to her Father, things she couldnt tell him as she and her children could only see him every 4 to 6 weeks. He only cared about his new life with his second wife. Gayle tried to get back his love for years which caused her great distress.

One letter became 2, then 2 became 3 etc etc. Then it became a book. It is a very raw and emotional read.